University of Goettingen

MoBPS - Modular Breeding Program Simulator

MoBPS is a framework to simulate, evaluate and compare breeding programs

Backend to all simulations is the our R-package that is available at Github and on CRAN!
Our web-interface is providing a less optimized, but more intuitive way of getting started with MoBPS. To get started either use the Guest-Login or contact us to get your own personalized account.
Contact: torsten.pook(at)

The entire MoBPS framework is available under open source (GNU 3.0) for both academia and commercial use!
We are always interested in collaborations and support to allow us extend the framework.

MoBPS Workshop sponsored by GfT

In case you want to host your own (potentially private) MoBPS workshop / E-workshop contact torsten.pook(at) .

Getting Started with MoBPS:

An online video series on the use of MoBPS can be found at youtube

MoBPS Youtube Channel

Following slides were used in the IMAGE Workshop (20.11.2019-22.11.2019)

Using gene bank material for livestock populations: case studies and optimization using the MoBPS software

Guidelines to the R-package: